Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Third Jump School

Soon had his third schooling over fences tonight.  We focused on straightness to/over/from the fence.  It was really nice feeling him balanced between my leg and my hand.  He is giving me the impression that he is going to be super fun with more mileage.  He was very relaxed and rhythmical on the approach, as well as soft.  His confidence is getting there as well, because when the oxer went up a hole or two, I didn't change anything and he didn't change as a result.  He goes exactly the way you ask him to go - he doesn't get ahead of himself and run, but he doesn't back off.  Whatever tempo you set, he's there, and it's just a pleasant ride all around.  He is brave and willing to do whatever I ask thus far.  He is just flat out FUN to jump! 

I have to remind myself sometimes that I'm on a green horse, because he has moments where he is so tuned in and feels so damn good that I almost forget I'm on one that is just getting introduced to this stuff. 

On another note, Mr Jumper Man has shown some very nice moments at the canter between last night's flat school and today's jump school.  Back up, good push from behind with a nice elevated outline, riding well off my leg and seat...wow!!  Again, moments of "hey this feels like a nice made jumper."  I can't say enough about how cool that is.  :)

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