Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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I got nothin'.

Except a hopefully good move to get Soonie outside again all day.  Long story short, due to some construction on the farm which started a couple of weeks ago, a few of the paddocks went down, which has caused a shortage of available turnout.  Since all that started, he's been going out with a few others in either the back paddock for half the day, or in the indoor ring.  And no, a half day in the indoor never equates to an actual half day, due to people wanting to ride and the horses ending up back in their stalls after only an hour and a half of turnout.

So, needless to say I felt the need to improve his turnout situation.  Talked to the barn owner today, she was helpful, and we're going to try him out in the big herd, hopefully tomorrow.  And hopefully, he doesn't do anything stupid.  Fingers crossed!  If that's the case, he can go outside and be a horse all day, every day, just like he had been prior to the construction project.

I did show up on Sunday afternoon to ride and was completely preoccupied with that problem though, I admit.  Soon and I did our usual flat routine, and my mind was way off, somewhere outside building new paddocks.  Too bad I haven't yet mastered the skill of getting the internal problem solving/worrying/over analyzing part of my brain to shut up when I should be focusing on something else:


In other news, Soonie is still awesome and has adoring lady fans gushing over his adorableness.  He also has his hand-me-down lightweight blanket for the slightly cooler nights on.  He's toasty warm, and I have the pleasure of knowing he's the same size as Triple.  Nailed it.

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