Monday, October 14, 2013

First horse show and photoshoot!

Soon competed for the first time yesterday in an unrated schooling class, and got second! :)  Good boy!  We warmed up, then stood around forever (typical hunter show), he walked in the indoor to jump around his eight little fences like a champ.  He got some applause and a fun little ribbon.  Very proud of my boy!

It was all about going through the motions with him.  I wasn't interested in placing (honestly, our competition were the lesson kids riding the old school horses, and yes, I only did the "hunter" class and not the equitation, as that would be a douchey thing for me to do), I just wanted him to play show horse for the day and see how he'd do.  He had been schooled around and observed the rated stuff all weekend, so today he got pulled out of the stall, stood like an absolute gentleman to be braided for the first time, and learned about the horse show "hurry up and wait" shenanigans.  All in all, he did wonderfully!  He was super quiet as always, very relaxed, and took it all in like he'd been doing it all his life.  I'm sure this is way less exciting than any of his 52 races, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Looking sharp!

Good boy, Soonie  <3

I also had a photographer friend come out that afternoon to get some great shots of us.  She was fantastic to work with and got some great moments on camera.  Here are just some of my favorites!  Photos by Ayars Photography.

There are so many more that I love, but I'll spare everyone the photo spam.  That last picture is fun - poor Soon had been braided for all of about three hours, but he thought he was dying.  I guess I braid tight still (after a five year hiatus), because he was so ITCHY! 

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