Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A night of many firsts!

Soon was AMAZING tonight!  Our accomplishments:

- First time jumping outside in the big ring
- First time jumping show fences (solid walls, gates, flowers and various filler, etc...didn't even look!!)
- First time cantering full lines
- First time jumping a course (trot in, canter out)
- First time cantering a full course

GOOD BOY!   :-D 

It was all like old hat for him.  Dead quiet the whole time, didn't peek at a single fence, just felt awesome.  He's so soft and honest to the jumps, and has a great natural rhythm.  What a joy to ride, and I don't say that about just any horse.  I'm planning on taking him in a couple of hack classes at the barn's hosted A-rated show on Saturday.  He'll be all braided up!  Just looking to give him some horse show experience at home, all I'm hoping for is a happy horse.

God bless him; Soon is exactly what I need in my life right now.  <3

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