Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday not-as-fun-day

- Awesome hack in the countryside on the most excellent horse in the world?  Check.
- Errand trip for wormer and last minute clipping supplies?  Check.
- Probably horrific looking yet functional trace clip?  Check. 
- Horsey poulticed and wrapped for the night?  Check.
- Owner who loves horsey, and horsey who seems to tolerate owner, but they're both maybe a little sick of each other for the next 12 hours?  Check.

 I guess I'll see tomorrow if his clip looks ok.  Can't really tell because the barn lighting is crap at night.  Oh well.  Good news is that Soon clips like a champ without drugs.  I didn't bother with a picture, but here's what he looked like on the crossties, falling asleep and getting clipped at the same time:

He also has some retained heat/swelling in his right hind after a cut got infected.  Threw some poultice on it and wrapped him for the night, which amazingly enough was way more of a workout than the clipping.  It was a battle of wills regarding him not standing correctly...he's a smart cookie.  Got him wrapped anyway, tucked him in with some extra hay and cookies, and I will enjoy sleeping in tomorrow morning, LOL.

Today's hack was beautiful and we enjoyed the nice, sunny weather.  Soon and I went out on our own this week, and the whole time he's walking along on a long rein, even with the occasional car (thankfully this time drivers minded their manners) and the wind whipping around.  He's a star trail horse.  Love him.  :)

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