Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Big turnout!

Soonie went out in the big field today with the big herd!  Did not get killed.  Played nice with others.  Came in with all four legs.  I'm stoked!  :)

Sounds like he pretty much minded his own business and avoided the crowds when they came over to investigate.  Great to see that his social skills are improving.  Hopefully he continues to do well out there, so he can get his full day of turnout and socializing. 

Meanwhile, it's Washington International Horse Show time!  I love USEF Network's live feeds.  It's so nice to view Indoors from the comfort of my home and in my fleece pajamas.  Though to be fair, I'm sure I have sat and watched horse shows in person in my fleece pajamas.  I think I may have even watched WIHS in person in my pajamas...  :-/

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