Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday fun ride and laundry

Soonie and I had a great Sunday!  We rode outside in the (not quite completed) outdoor ring for the first time, and despite the new surroundings, wind and cooler temperatures, he was foot perfect the whole time.  He was a little sticky at first because he was checking out the footing, but I was able to get him up in front of my leg and into the bridle well enough.  Even got some good trot stretch, canter and flying changes.

Our extra fun time moment was trotting and cantering through the puddles on the long side of the arena.  He was totally ok with having muddy/wet adventures and was very brave.  They were just small puddles, but it put a smile on my face and reminded me how much fun this horse is.  He is game for anything, and it's such a pleasure.  :)

Afterward we went for a quick hack around the turnouts and wandered back for lots of carrots and love.

Our water hazards

My favorite view <3 hacking

So adorable!


I also decided today was time to wash his stuff at the hotel.  I've been putting it off because I don't want to be that asshole, but too late!  It needs to get done and I'm not waiting another two weeks to drive home to wash it.

That awkward moment when you walk in to the public laundry with an arm full of smelly, hair covered saddle pads and boots...

And when you flip the horse laundry from the wash to the dryer and people are staring at you while you are attempting to pull the horse hair out of the washer...

And someone walks in while your girth is clanking around in the dryer and no one can hear themselves think, but they're all staring at you with contempt...

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Life is good

I've not been able to ride much the last two weeks, particularly during the weeks.  Soon doesn't seem to mind, he's his usual, consistent and happy self when I do get on him.  I need to buckle down and get things back on a normal schedule, but at the same time I don't want to make it a pressure situation.  We're not going to the Olympics (some local Thoroughbred shows would be fun, though), so what I want to refocus on is just Soonie's development.  We worked hard on that topline, dammit, I want to keep him looking awesome! :)

Our rides lately have been a mix of hacks (when the property is dry enough) and flat schools in the indoor.  All have been fantastic so here are some photos:

Sometimes we go out in the big field and just graze

I'm also really looking forward to taking Soonie to the beach.  That's one thing I'd love to cross off my horsey bucket list and make a fun new memory with my boy.  Plus we get to go FAST!

Also...I bought this because I am weak. 


(I'm wearing it now because it smells like tack shop and I love tack shop)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Update

So it's been awhile since the last update.  Soonie and I had a couple of rides that were not quite right.  He's looking and feeling great, and he was by no means BAD, but he just felt like he hadn't totally settled in at the new farm, in the new ring, with the new footing, etc.  The rides just didn't really feel like him, so I decided that I'd give him a week or two off and let him just chill for a bit.  So he had about a week and a half of just being a horse, getting muddy and playing with his buddies.  I took that time to get back on the ice and play a lot of hockey.  Everyone was happy with this arrangement!

The mare is still in love

Enjoying spring break!

Since then we've had a couple of hacks around the farm.  There are a couple of huge, flat fields that we can ride around, including a back field where we can actually do flat work in (which will be GREAT when the footing dries!).  We can hack around the perimeter of the paddocks and ride down the powerlines, so once again we're blessed with the opportunity to ride outside the ring. 

In addition to the good hacking, we came off spring break and have had great rides ever since.  He's much more settled and relaxed in the ring, seems much more confident in the footing, and is stretching and swinging like his old self.  We jumped a course last Friday (after him not jumping in a month or more) and he was STELLAR!  Jumped great over all new fences, very confident and happy to be jumping over sticks.  He also had a makeover last night (mane pulled/trimmed and tail banged), so now I just have to debate if I'll actually full body clip him at this point, or just say screw it and let him finish shedding out.

And while thankfully the love affair between him and his mare seems to be quieting down a little and normalizing, things were very hot and heavy for awhile and the barn owner was sure to keep me posted with hilarious updates.  Such as "they're sharing a water bucket" and "OMG they're eating off the same hay pile!"  Love is disgusting, LOL.