Friday, October 11, 2013

Horse Show #2 - Day 1

Sleeping by the ring like a real hunter
Soon hasn't actually shown yet, but we're hosting another USEF "A" show, so he's living the hunter life right now.  He'll play on Sunday, as we're holding some unrated schooling classes after the rated competition is concluded.  Yes, after a 10 year hiatus from "A" rated hunters, I was a dummy and totally forgot how expensive it was (my USEF and USHJA memberships are expired, Soon doesn't have a USEF number and I'm not buying him one right now, will save up to get a lifetime registration next year).  Yep, $250 mostly in non-member fees for two flat classes is not happening.  We'll get all braided up and look incredibly overdressed for some unrated stuff on Sunday instead, and save a lot of money.  I also have a photographer friend coming on Sunday for what was going to be a casual photoshoot - I guess he'll be braided for that.  :)  It's worth it!  Right?  Sure.

So today Soon had a great flat school in the indoor warm-up ring, with several other horses, and then hung out by the outdoor hunter ring and schooling area.  Absolutely NO drama this time!  He walked around like he was a seasoned show horse, even with the winds whipping around at 25 mph blowing crap everywhere.  Just walked around on the buckle and slept a lot.  He even watched a few jump courses - he really seems to observe other horses, what they're doing, and it appears like he's taking it all in.  Not sure if that's true, but it's adorable.  He was so relaxed, so soft in the bridle when he was awake, and so fun.  I'm very happy that he picked up where he left off after the first horse show experience.  Such a smart, lovely boy.  :)

I wasn't lying about his "Hey I can use these crossties to hold my head up for me" trick.  Sleepy!

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