Sunday, October 27, 2013


I arrived at the barn around noon to see Soonie standing outside in the big field, cribbing on the water trough, LOL.  There was a little misunderstanding and he was left in yesterday, but thankfully that got corrected.  We had a good flat school (spent more time dodging people in the busy ring than really getting to focus like on Friday, but he was perfect in the crowd), went for a short walk around the property to take in some sunshine, and then called it a day.  I tossed Soon back outside without his turnout sheet, as the temps were in the 60's and it was gorgeous!  Not too many of those days for the next several months, I'm sure.

How did he get so adorable?

The big man looked like he was pretty comfortable outside with the big herd.  He pretty much minded his own business, hung out by the trough for a bit before finally venturing off to munch on some hay with the others.  He is doing a decent job of avoiding crowds, but he did get himself caught up in the corner by the trough after he saw some folks by the gate.  He doesn't freak out when others come up to him, which is good, but he wants to assert himself if they come into his personal bubble.  One of the two year olds was getting a little close and Soon double-barreled him, gave a warning shot to another, and then doubled barreled another horse who turned around to give it right back to him.  Horse missed Soon (who booked it out of there!) and nailed the fence instead, which led to a scary five or so seconds while they pulled their leg out of the fence.  They were unscathed, but hopefully they learn to not kick near the fence again.  Oye.  Meanwhile, I hope Soon continues to figure out how not to get himself into, or instigate, a bad situation.  Thus far he's seemed very level headed, usually leaving himself with plenty of escape room, and meeting/greeting others without blowing up (though he did squeal like a girl when Jose came over to say hi...I wish I had caught that on camera).


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