Saturday, October 5, 2013

He "wows" me. :)

This is why I created this blog - so I can just gush about how much I love my boy, how much he impresses me and continues to try and improve, and write endlessly about how great his flatwork is.

Basically all the stuff no one wants to read on Facebook.

Long story short(ish): Soon had a fantastic flat school this afternoon.  Today is finally feeling like fall, with temps in the 50's, but blustery winds making it feel much cooler.    Thankfully though, weather changes don't seem to affect him very much, nor does wind or generally other scary things some horses like to spook at.  He was his normal self.

Yesterday I lost my focus.  I went into the ride without much of a goal, and the end result was some not-so-crisp riding on my part, and a horse that got flustered for about 30 seconds because of me.  It's frustrating because as a trainer and rider, I know better than that, and try to always have a solid plan in mind with what I want to to achieve.  Soon makes me want to be the best rider possible, and not have moments like that.  So today we had a plan, built off of yesterday's good moments, and the entire school today was forward and soft.  It's so cool when he gets round by riding off the leg - this horse truly needs no hand and it's nice to have him come up onto the bit on his own from behind.  He's feeling great in the bridle, as he's able to carry himself longer and longer as he gets stronger.  He's just so darn happy to work it makes me smile.  Definitely loving where he is in his progression.  Yes, he's still green, but his professional attitude/work ethic and the flashes of genius he shows me just makes me think "wow." 

I put his new turnout sheet on to help with the cooler temps (poor boy's ears and nose were cold when I arrived because he needed clothes).  He looks adorable in his new bunky, and I'm very happy he's not trying to rip it off like another gelding in the barn.

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