Thursday, January 30, 2014

Never stop learning!

Video from 2011 of George Morris on Catherine Haddad's Grand Prix horse.  This makes me smile because it just proves that good horsemen embrace the idea that they should never stop learning, never stop trying new things, and never stop trying to become better horsemen. What a great and fun video.

And I am having the biggest rush of deja vu writing this right now.  Oh well.  Soonie was fantastic again tonight, despite that we were riding around lessons AGAIN.  We can't seem to catch a break lately, my timing sucks.  First we tried to do our walking warm up around a jumping lesson, then immediately afterwards two horses came in to lunge, so we got full run of the ring for only about five minutes.  We ended up in the far half of the ring, and made the most out of it.  We just focused more on stretching and forward, keeping consistent contact (and loving on that outside rein since we were constantly on a circle), and he had some really lovely moments both in stretch and in a shorter outline in the trot and canter.  Such a great boy.  We managed to be productive despite the circumstances, and I was happy.  I love my man.  :)

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