Saturday, January 4, 2014

Compliments and Canter

Received a lovely compliment from one of the other boarders today about how great Soonie looks and how far he's come.  That's always nice.  :)

We pretty much repeated last night's flat school.  Had a couple really lovely steps of leg yield at the trot in both directions, and he was once again very forward and soft.  His canter work today was really stellar!  Had an outstanding, very uphill transition from walk to right lead canter, and the right lead canter rode beautifully.  His back was up and engaged, and he felt wonderfully uphill.  Left lead was also good.  We even did our first counter canter today too!  He picked up the right lead on the long side tracking left, and was super, super obedient in keeping that right bend, shorter step with energy, and maintaining the lead around the corners.  He felt fantastic in the counter canter, I was having a blast playing around.  :)

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