Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jump School

As you might have already guessed, Soonie was perfect for today's jump school.  We started off with our usual cross rail and worked up to doing full cantering courses featuring a quiet 7-stride line (with option for more forward 6 strides, we did both options), and two single diagonal fences including an oxer off the short right turn.  He was super soft the whole time, very adjustable forward and back, and waited very patiently for the quiet distances.  He's very steady - he's the type of horse that you set in a pace and he maintains, which makes him a pretty uncomplicated ride to the jumps.  I just love how cheerful he seems to be, he really feels like he enjoys this jumping stuff and there's never a doubt about whether or not he'll go!  We got a lot of compliments tonight (me for some good decisions regarding quiet distances, and him for being so obedient and showing great progress), which is always a nice plus.  :) 

Last weekend we had the pleasure of escorting one of the younger horses (ok...he and Soonie are the same age) down the road for the first time.  Bubba was a model companion and gave the other horse a lot of confidence.  The other rider definitely seemed to appreciate having someone quiet to go out with.

Now for fun and useful resources, take a look at Bill Steinkraus' Two Dozen Useful Aphorisms and Eventing Nation's 10 habits of highly successful riders.  Great things to keep in mind in your day to day horsemanship training.

And a nice little video:

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