Monday, January 20, 2014

Flat work video

Today's video revealed a couple of things: 
  • I hate riding around lessons because they lead to unplanned downward transitions
  • George Morris would probably say I ride like a monkey with broken arms
  • Computers f*cking suck.

Yeah, it has been a nonstop struggle since about 4pm this afternoon to get the video from the camera, load it, edit it, convince my video-editing computer not to have a seizure, and upload it on YouTube.  I don't know if my computers are telling me that people shouldn't see this video or they both decided today was a great day for anarchy, but seriously...eff you guys (the computers, not my awesome two followers).

Even when I think I'm carrying my hands I'm not actually carrying my hands.  My reins need to be shorter and I need to be taller through the shoulder.  My back was/is legitimately killing me, so that wasn't helping.  Other than that, Soonie is looking good, and most of the video is long and low work to engage/lift his back.  I was focusing on keeping his hind end active, and its a big improvement over our first video from September 2013.  He's been absolutely fantastic and I'm very happy with his progress and attitude, as always. 

Posting this because it's the only thing that's made me laugh this evening.  Pretty much sums up how I feel about technology:

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