Sunday, January 5, 2014


Proud of himself after the ride!
So today's high was 8 degrees (F), but with a wind chill of -12.  Good times.  I stopped by the coffee shop and brought the staff some hot chocolate on my way to the farm. Thankfully the barn and the indoor are heated to about 35 degrees (ish), so that's a huge blessing.  Soonie and I just walked today undersaddle - between the cold temps he was outside in most of the day and the really bad dust in the ring (the two horses in before us really kicked it up), I thought maybe today was a great day to just take it easy.

Our ride lasted about 25 minutes, with lots of lateral work review.  Toward the end, he had the BEST walk going on.  Back was up, he was pushing wonderfully from behind and had this huge, swinging walk.  Like, power walk, overstepping quite a bit.  He was well on the bit and on my aids, and felt spectacular.  I had the biggest smile on my face because this little horse just feels so much bigger when he's really working from behind.  It's so nice when you can get everything you want accomplished just by taking a walk. :)

Tomorrow will have windchill temps down near -30(F) at one point.  Soonie will have his turnout sheet layered under his heavy blanket so he has a little extra protection if he gets turned out tomorrow.  He did fine outside in just the heavy today though, he had his face planted in one of the round bales when I showed up this afternoon, so I expect he'll park himself there tomorrow as well.

He came into the nice, warm barn, put his face in his food, and fell asleep

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