Monday, January 27, 2014

Wheee!!! .....? Nah. And 100th post

50 mph winds outside last night and this is exactly what Soonie thought of it:

That was me coaxing his ears up, because he was sleeping.  Yeah.  No "whee."  Just working on a long rein, dodging lesson kids and business as usual.  Such a good boy.  :)

It occurred to me after I posted the picture that this is the 100th post on The OTTB Blog.  I didn't know when I started how in-depth I would get with the posts, or how long I would continue.  I am very happy that I started writing about Soon and our journey together, because had I decided not to, then all those little moments might be lost.  It is very cool to look back on earlier posts and see how far he has come.  Chronicling our training has been extremely rewarding for me from a trainer's perspective.  While I intended for this blog to just be a personal journal to capture Soon's progress, I hope that in our own way, we can contribute to educating others about the Thoroughbred breed.  I have made some posts about my feelings on certain issues plaguing the horse industry and Thoroughbreds in particular (and I'm sure more will be on the way), because I do have strong opinions and perhaps I do like to listen to myself talk (write) on those subjects.  Bloggers do have egos, after all, and those that claim they do not are lying.   ;-)

Hopefully all my rambling and bad pictures offer value to those exploring the possibilities of owning a Thoroughbred, and what it's like to bring one along.  At the end of the day, there are just so many great TBs out there, with so much to offer.  They're just looking for the right person. 

Go Thoroughbreds!

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