Sunday, February 2, 2014

Jump School and random gushing

Can't stand the cuteness.  So cute.

Have I mentioned lately how awesome this horse is and how much I wuv wuv wuv him??  :)

Jump school yesterday, he was such a superstar as always (after having been in the ring while another horse ran away with its rider and galloped around out of control...Soonie stood stock still like I asked him too).  He earned some great compliments from the trainer for his progress over fences, and from some folks who had not seen him since he arrived this summer.  They were floored at how quiet he was, and how well he was going.  No surprise to me, but I suppose if they only saw him in those first few days of "Whee!" then it is a pretty dramatic change.

We have a clinic with a BNT next weekend.  It should be a good experience for Bubba, jumping some fancier fences and putting up with some spectators.  I doubt he's going to care, but it's nice to have an opportunity do some extra things in the barn.

Tonight was Trot Night for us, and we had a nice little ride.  Toward the end of the ride, I tried sitting the trot for 3-5 strides with Soon in a deep stretch.  He stayed forward, kept his back up, and stayed in a great stretch while I sat, which is a nice indicator of his progress.  I'll keep the sitting trot to that for the time being, just a couple strides at a time and allow his back to develop even more before I worry about it.  Good, good boy.  :)

I stand by mounting blocks with no encouragement

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