Sunday, April 19, 2015

Flat Video and Progress Pictures - April 2015

Today was one of those rare days where Soon was "up" and a little full of it.  But to be fair, we had a very windy, cooler day, and everyone's a little crazy.  I snagged some video of us flatting and also pulled some screencaps.  From the video, you can see that he was tense and not swinging in the trot.  I also need to ride him more off the outside rein, as you can see he has a tendency to "cheat" and tip his nose to the inside rather than truly come through and flex at the poll.  We didn't do much stretching, because he got rushy, and him running around on his forehand is not a useful or correct stretch.  The little bit we did you can see he has a little more swing in the trot and he tracks up better, but he's behind the vertical and bordering on running, so I cut it short.

All in all, still a productive school even though it started off with him trying to jump the ground poles.  Even when he's "bad," he's still very good in the grand scheme of things.  We're still working on the "up and out" concept in terms of his balance and outline - you should be able to see how much that outline has shortened and become higher compared to our other flatwork videos.

Flatwork March 2014
Flatwork January 2014
Flatwork September 2013
Jan 2014 and Mar 2014 Screencaps

I like this because you can't see me staring at his ears



AAAAND IT'S GONE.  Behind the vertical and on the forehand


Got his BOT sheet to make up for the lack of stretchy time

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