Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rut Roh!

Unfortunately, Soonie was a little short today when I got on him.  Didn't feel off at the walk, but was inconsistently short on the right front in the deeper part of the footing.  I cut the ride short and got off, removed the tack and then put him on the lunge line briefly to see what was up.  Not "lame," but definitely short.  His RF was also warm on the outside part of the hoof, so I guess we'll see what's up tomorrow.  Might be an abscess brewing, who knows.  He got a gram of Bute and the rest of it is a waiting game to see if we need to have the vet or farrier out this week.  Bummer.

But he is still super adorable.

Sleeps!  Brought him in early, zero shits were given.

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