Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday 26 Apr 2015

I have no clever post title so that's what I'm going with!

I spent the last four days in the city, and didn't get to the barn earlier in the week either, so Soonie has had a full week off.  He did seem very happy to be groomed and tacked up, though, so that's good!  He did his cute funny-tongue-derp-faces which he normally only does when he's waiting for dinner to arrive, so generally I consider that his "Aww yea I can't wait" sign.  I do think this horse loves his work so while vacation is great, he's usually pretty happy to get back to his riding routine.

Probably because he knows he's getting carrots afterward.

We just did a light walk/trot flat school outside in the big hay field.  He felt a little full of himself (not surprising with seven days off and no lunging), but he settled in pretty well and we had about 25 minutes of great work.  We did lots of lateral work and circles, focusing on some of the points that Linda Zang made a few days ago, me focusing on "up and out" as well as riding his inside hind up through to his outside fore.  He felt like he had great swing and good energy (the tall grass probably helped there a little), and we finished the school with some stretching and called it a day.  I need to get video of him out there, because I really feel like he moves and swings so much more outside, and the scope of his stride improves noticeably. 

It was a lovely day for a ride, for handgrazing, and for horse love.  :)

Sweet sleepy lipstick face :)

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