Saturday, April 18, 2015

Perfect Saturday and a whole ton of pictures

Looking good!
It was mid-70's, sunny with a slight breeze...aka my perfect weather day, and my horse was equally wonderful!  I know, I know....gag me already with the gushing, but seriously.  We had a lovely jump school today in the indoor.  I rode the lines quieter than before and he was totally tuned in to what I was asking.  He is so adjustable that I just have to give him a quick "whoa" over the fence and he lands thinking "quiet."  Which is nice, because I can steady better on that first stride and ride the remaining ones with a supporting leg versus landing quick and pulling to the jump (which is what I did in the last week's video, oops).

He looks so excited
The lines were perfect and even, he got under himself well and balanced perfectly on the short turns, and our rhythm was spot on.  I need to try to keep doing regular jump schools with him, about once a week would be good.  Today was the third time in eight days we've jumped, which is good to get us back into the jumping rhythm, and by "us" I mean me.  I need to get my feel back.  It's not so much the "eye" as many people call it, but rather my feel for the right canter that gets us to the right spots.  We were nailing it today and it just felt so great.  

Had to include this because...really

So after a very quick and very perfect jump school, Soonie and I went for a quick hack around the farm to enjoy the fine day.

We found the Four Ponies of the Apocalypse

Love flatting out here, can't wait to get some jumps set up

Soonie wanted nothing to do with the ponies when we walked by (I laughed), and afterward he got a quick bath and we spent an hour or so handgrazing.  He gets about 14 hours of grass turnout every night, but he was happy to be out in the sunshine with the gorgeous spring grass.  It made for some great photos and quality time.  Reminded me of how we'd always end our rides in Nebraska with hand grazing.

Perfection <3

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