Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Cleaning!

I had the most productive 36 hours in recent history. Thursday evening Soonie and I had a great flat school with some excellent counter-canter work.  I cleaned his sheath (every horseman's favorite job, made especially awkward with some teenage boy walking around the barn) immediately afterward and thus began the SPRING CLEANING EXTRAVAGANZA.

We followed it up on Friday with:
- Gave Soonie a bath
- Cleaned and oiled my CWD
- Full clipped Soon
- Washed all my own personal horsey jackets and shit

I was going back and forth with whether or not I was going to actually follow through on my original plan and give Bubba a full body clip.  We don't have hot water at the current barn, no wash rack, and we had not had warm enough weather lately for him to get a thorough bath.  I thought maybe I'd just let him shed out again, but lately he's been shedding so much, I got sick of it real quick.   We got a hot streak in temps this week and I decided to jump on it.

So now everyone can see how awesome he looks now that all the layers of dead winter coat are gone!  He slept through the whole thing and people thought he was drugged.  He just REALLY enjoys his crosstie nap time.

Sleeps, the perfectly behaved horse

Body done, look at those dapples!

Head clipped and looking extra handsome



That neck though <3



I just LOVE. THIS. HORSE.  He is probably the only horse I've worked with that seems to enjoy the clipping process, at least the long naps and attention parts.  I guess I shouldn't detest clipping so much, because it leads to some high quality Soonie Snuggle Time.  He was so dang polite and super helpful ("Here, let me put my head down for you so you can get that spot between my ears and forelock") when I clipped his face and ears it was just...

 And now that I'm DONE with all that, this is how I feel:

 I think my goal for the rest of the weekend is to eat, sleep and ride.  Because goofing off all day sounds really, really good right now.

Me the rest of the weekend

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