Sunday, April 12, 2015

I saw a horse flip over today...

Which was, you know...ridiculous and completely preventable.  Thankfully the horse did not appear to be hurt and the rider was not on at the time.

People need a fucking license to be able to use draw reins.  I don't know where to begin with this post.  I think maybe I'll just say that I hate draw reins, I think that they should be reserved for people who actually have soft hands and understand contact, and those are the people that don't even need to use draw reins because they UNDERSTAND CONTACT.

Saw a young teenage girl (truck-in) who was apparently told by a former trainer that Maresy needed to be in draw reins, that the head had to be down, that you lower/widen your hands to get horsey's head down, and that riding backwards was ok.  Teenager brought horsey into an unfamiliar environment, horse was understandably excited and "up," draw reins went on and horse got increasingly backward.  Girl dismounted to lunge the horse, put the draw reins behind the saddle (!!??!!!), and 10 seconds later Maresy went up and over.  She landed on her side in the dirt, thankfully did not whack her skull on the nearby jump.  Situation was diffused shortly thereafter and horse appeared sound, at least from my distance.

JESUS H. CHRIST did no one TEACH this kid about draw reins or is it one of those "trainers" who slaps more shit on the horse, explains nothing, and tells the kid to keep kicking?

Kid was offered a free lesson by the resident trainer and hopefully she takes her up on it.  Horse just needs to go forward and kid needs to learn how to ride it without tying the head to its chest.

Personally I have no use for draw reins and I'm happy I'm in a situation where I never have to use them on my own horse.  Some may argue that "they have their place," but honestly I don't buy it.  I think they're a shortcut to proper training when someone isn't either skillful enough or patient enough to do it correctly. Worst case scenario, they fall into the hands of someone completely uneducated to their use, and horse splits its skull open. 

I just...I can't.  I can't.

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