Monday, March 31, 2014

Whoo! Screencaps!

Some still shots from last night's video.  Note his back being up and him being actively stepping under with the hind end.  He has a noticeably longer stride; I seriously cannot believe some of the evidence knowing where he started.  Check out the difference in these photos from January.  Such an improvement!

Walk, good activity from the inside hind

Trot stills:

Canter shots:

The "rolling ball" feeling of the back up and horse stretching across the topline
It's nice to post these, because the video compression software I use actually seems to vertically compress the video, which makes us look much taller/skinner than we are, and masks his step a little compared the original raw footage.  Oh well.  At least you can see in the stills above that he's making some great progress in terms of back and topline development, engagement behind, and length of stride.

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