Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blown Away (literally)

Barn is hosting another show this weekend, and while I lack the interest in actually showing in it, I will take the opportunity to school Soonie around it.  The jumpers were going by the time I got there, and he was completely relaxed the entire time.  He remembered that the point is to fall asleep, and he excels at falling asleep, even in 30mph wind gusts.  Seriously, the wind caught my helmet just right and I felt it shift.  Winds were REDONKULOUS today.

We did some walk/trot in the schooling ring just because, and when he was stretching happily in the trot (in said 30mph wind gusts) without so much as twitching, I decided that was about perfect and we called it a day.  Good boy.  :)

"Barn is that way.  Barn now."

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