Friday, April 18, 2014


Soon lost a shoe yesterday.  His first since I've had him, I'm actually pretty impressed that he's gone this long without tossing one.  But amazingly enough, I was told that the farrier won't be able to make it out at all until at least next Wednesday.

He lost the shoe Thursday.  That's six days.

So many reasons why I'm frustrated, some of them being why I was the one to find the horse missing the shoe at 7pm when he was brought in at 3:30pm and nothing was said, farrier was not called.  Also, I can't seem to get another farrier to come and do anything earlier.  I tried.

So I guess I'll not do any of the hacking in the beautiful 70+ degree weather as I had planned on doing this weekend.  Soonie will have most of that time off, maybe a walk (trot?) session or two in the cushy indoor if Princess Panties isn't footsore.  If he is, then we have a fun next five days of hoof wrapping/packing and vacation. Yay.  And I guess I'll just go running and spend more time in the gym instead.  We'll get over it...

...But I needed a gripe session first.

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