Sunday, April 20, 2014

Epic Shoe Journey, Part One

I ventured out into the big herd's field today in a last ditch effort (my only effort?) to find Soon's lost shoe.  I can't help it - I've always been a shoe hunter, it's how I was taught.  So in 80 degree weather (why can't we find a happy medium between 30 degrees and rainy, and 80 degrees and balls hot?) I trounced around the field looking like a dope.  I found ALL THE SHOES...

...but not Soon's shoe.

In other news, Soonie did some fantastic shoulder ins today!  We truly "got it" with today's session (walk only again due to the pauperness).  I tried them on the centerline as he tends to gravitate a lot to the rail, and that was causing us issues.  But without that rail crutch, he listened so much better to the leg and gave me exactly what I was looking for.  I had a great feel of the outside rein and was riding him into it off the inside leg.  The inside rein was soft and, he rode well/adjusted off my legs.  He was much better going left than right, which is pretty typical, but we got it in each direction, so I am totally thrilled with that progress.  We've been getting steps here and there, but today was our first confirmed shoulder in.  It's awesome to see the progress he's made, especially in the last three months or so.  What a smart boy!  We had some lovely walking stretch too, so today was extremely productive.  He was so darn cheerful during and afterward that I could not help but smile.  :)

Topline starting to look much better, can't wait until shedding season is over! cute.

Meeting a new girl, showing off the hay he stole

Rode Baby Whee again today.  Let's just say she makes me appreciate Soon.  A lot., so much.

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