Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Other Horse

So with Soon only having one shoe, I'm schooling one of the five year old Holsteiner cross babies for the week.  I don't know when she got ridden last (she's been broke for about a year and a half, but acted like it was her first time in the indoor today, whee!), so we just worked on getting forward and focused on the contact at the walk, and then some trot.  She was good, I'm sure she'll be better tomorrow.

Baby Whee

I hopped on Soonie afterward and just did some lateral work at the walk.  I got some shoulder in on each rein/direction and was very pleased with him!  We did about 20 minutes worth of work, just enough to really get him forward off the leg, moving well laterally, and some great stretch.  The next few days will be a good chance for me to give him a much more thorough introduction to the shoulder in at the walk and hopefully start to see some consistency with that.  He's so much fun to ride, even if it's just at the walk!  :)

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