Friday, April 18, 2014

Reasons why today didn't actually suck

Despite whiny post below, today didn't really suck for the following reasons:
  • It's Friday
  • It wasn't snowing
  • I went for a run
  • I flew a plane today.  Like, I was at the controls making the aircraft do things.  It was super fun!  Holy crap!  While I have dreams of being a pilot, I don't think I'll pursue this (I can't afford three ungodly expensive hobbies), but this was an incredible experience nonetheless.  I had a heart attack on the ground when the instructor told me I'd be doing some of the actual flying, but once we got airborne (I did the take off!) I had a stupid grin on my face.  Most importantly, the number of landings we did matched the number of takeoffs. At no time did the flight resemble anything like this....

....or this... great success!
  • "Shoeless Joe" Soonie is sound, so I'll probably hop on and we'll do some walk works in the indoor this weekend.  All is not lost, he's fine with some extra time off anyway.
  • SMARTPAK SHIPMENT ARRIVED!  Smartpak shipments are like Christmas.  Christmas where you get exactly what you want.  I got a saddle pad with extended sides (just in time because Soon's spur rubs are already grown out and nevermind) and two pairs of Tailored Sportsman low rise "TS" breeches.  I love Tailoreds, I ride exclusively in them because I just can't kill them.  They're pricey, but last forever.  I got rid of the last low rise TS that I had from a few years ago, so now that I'm back riding full time, I decided to reinvest.  I love my current, regular rise TS breeches, but these new ones won't make me feel like I'm 15lbs overweight.  Got a cute Baker belt too.  I'm trendy-ish again!

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