Saturday, May 10, 2014

Guess who's back, back again...

Back to work after a week's vacay! :)
I flew back east last week to look for housing and a new barn for Soonie.  Crazy to think we have less than a month left before the big move!  I found a great barn for him not too far from where I'll be living.  Huge property, much better turnout situation than where he is now (with grass!), good indoor, huge stalls and lovely barn...color me happy.  They have a plan for turnout and transitioning him on to grass.  The atmosphere around the place also seems to be pretty relaxed, since it's mostly adults with various discipline focuses.  There are some great eventing trainers in the area and the property allows us to bring our own trainers in, so I'll be working hopefully with a variety of them to help Soon and I put even more tools in our toolboxes. 

My new place should be great too, plenty of room and I don't have to find storage space for all my extra tack trunks!  Also, I will have a hockey room.  That's right, a whole room dedicated to all my hockey gear.  It'll be in the front corner of the house so it doesn't have to be in my living room anymore.  You have NO idea how excited I am just about that one little piece of information.

I got back last Monday to a text that Soonie wasn't feeling well.  I drove out to the barn and there he was, looking quiet, not having touched his food, but not really being obvious about anything.  I stayed and observed, he started acting a little miserable, so I gave him some IV Banamine.  Bubba started to turn around pretty quick after that, passed manure, and with a half hour was looking like his usual self.  Thankfully that was just a little bellyache and he was completely fine.  He's been working well all week and we had a wonderful hack last night.  No wind, no cars, just the sound of us clip clopping along and the birds talking away. 

Soonie's idea of "fast food"

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