Saturday, May 24, 2014

Watch and learn

So Soonie has some fans at the barn.  We did a flat school in the indoor today with the horse show going on outside.  Some horses came in to warm up over some fences, and some of the girls just lost it at how adorable Soon is when he watches other horses go around.  Seriously.  He tunes into the horse approaching the fence, watches them jump it, and turns his head to watch them going away.  Every time.  He was all too happy to stand in the middle and watch both horses go back and forth over the oxer, and his fans swooned over his cute face and his little ears watching the other horses go by.  It was hilarious.  And then when they left, we had to go back to work, and he was sad.

But he felt great today, we did some light canter work and I had a smile on my face all throughout!  We followed that with a quick hack down the road. It was quiet, the sun was shining, I could hear the birds was perfect.

"I would prefer to stay in here and sleep"

"Seriously.  Sleep."

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