Thursday, May 22, 2014

I love Linda Zang I love lamp.

Seriously though, check out this video of rider/trainer Nuno Santos and his Thoroughbred dressage horse, Ken's Kitten at their demo ride at the 2014 Thoroughbreds for All! event in Kentucky.  He and Ken's Kitten are working with Linda Zang (USDF Hall of Fame member, FEI dressage judge, international competitor) and the change you can see in the horse's way of going based on her inputs is really beautiful.

Ken's Kitten is already a pretty nice mover, and is being brought along nicely by Santos, but I like this video because it demonstrates the subtle changes you can make in the quality of the horse's gait.  Seeing the horse improve noticeably in the walk, trot, and canter is really neat.  And someday, if I learn to not ride like a drunk monkey, my horse will look that nice too!

Someday.  And with a lot more dressage trainers yelling at me in probably not as nice a way as Linda directed Nuno.

In other news, Soonie and I have our mojo back!  I gave him a few days off this week, doctored up another one of his boo-boos, and just hung out.  Literally.  We have fun walking around the ring together with no halter or lead rope, him following me, putting his head in my lap while I sit on the mounting block, and enhancing our majikal bond.

Dude has a f^#ckin unicorn on his shirt.  UNICORN.
This is Soon's favorite game
Hopped on him tonight and just wanted a relaxed, happy ride, and got it.  He felt good in the walk, very behind the leg starting out (maybe too relaxed), but got where I needed him to be.  Our shoulder ins were good in both directions tonight, right off the bat, so that's fun to see.  Our trot work was quiet and very steady.  He was great in the stretch and on a shorter rein, and stayed right in rhythm the whole time.  Very good work!  He felt like his old self and I made sure not to screw him up, so I consider that a great day.  I think we were both beaming after the ride.  Back to normal!  "Off" rides or bad rides don't happen often with this guy, and they're my fault when they do.  But they definitely make me appreciate how hard he tries, how consistent and great he really is, and not to take that for granted.  :)

Love this boy!

Also, I got two of Soon's race/win videos to share!  Going to upload those tomorrow and we can all bask in his glory.  I'm also going to get measured for custom Dehner boots.  First pair of customs, because my old Ariats are dying (I seriously cannot fit the amount of damage/disrepair into one photo, they are so old and holes everywhere), and I won't buy their new stock.  I figure if anyone can make a boot that can stand up to daily use/abuse and last a long time, it's Dehner.  Should be money well spent...I don't have a lot of it, so I look at it as an investment.

Now, please excuse me while I go cry over my beloved old Ariats.  I love you, Sigfried & Roy!!!

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