Saturday, September 6, 2014

Long time no post, here comes long post!

So Soonie is as cute as ever, and with me being absent with vacation and work issues for the last two weeks, he hasn't seen much of me except the weekends.  I think the extra few days off is good for both of us though, I think I was getting a little too serious about training and putting pressure on myself (and thus, on him).  Some of the recent rides have bordered on hot/unproductive, so the break is a good one.  He's been great the last couple of days, so I'm hoping that we can relax and get back on track.

He also seems to be happy to have me back - I realize that's just me making that up in my head, but still.  He likes routine, he likes his work, and he LOVES scratchy time.  He really, really missed scratchy time.  Watch that video in the link for unbearable cuteness!

Lots of adorable photos:

Classy boy got his mane pulled

Closest thing to a "derp" face I can get from him

He marched up to this like it was his own personal jungle gym

Sleepy lipstick foamy face

Sleeps sporting a newly banged tail!

Exploring the wooded trail

The weight is on! He's looking so much better these days

My favorite view

Best boy in the world <3


Yeah it was 94 degrees, we just walked, and we're sweating like pigs

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