Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Special announcement

 The barn we board at is having a schooling show this weekend, and I entered Soon and I in Training 1 and Training 2 at the last second for experience.

The kicker?  I haven't looked at nor ridden dressage tests in years, and I don't know what the hell to do in Training 2.  I feel like I can fake Training 1 now. 

But I just bought this...

And Bubba will be braided, so even if I fuck up big time and make all the required movements optional, Soonie and I are still going to be fabulous.

(and part of me does actually want to intentionally just do everything wrong, and when the bell rings I'll just say "WHATEVER I DO WHAT I WANT" as I trot around the ring.  Just to see what happens)

This show really is more about us putting on our Horse Show Pants and going through the motions, so me steering in the correct direction at the prescribed time really is secondary to him taking everything in and getting more experience.  I'm also hoping to get him off the farm before I leave this winter and work out of the area, and am relegated to only riding on the weekends for several months.  Whee.

Next time, on The OTTB Blog:
I'll recap my EXTRA SUPER FUNTIME trip to Dressage at Devon, where I had the most amazing time with friends (new and my bestiest friend in the whole wide world and her great family), and also where I bought ALL THE THINGS.  Including that gorgeous mistake above.

Oh yeah.  This bitch happened.  Happened so hard.


  1. You are hilarious! Is this real? Did you really head to Devon to compete?

  2. Thank you! :) Nope I didn't ride at Devon, some friends and I went up to watch and "be inspired." And by "inspired" I mean drink mimosas and make Really Bad Decisions with Credit Cards.