Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The end of the custom era

Ok, so this has been the summer of custom things.  I went crazy and decided that it was either an investment, or I was treating myself, or it was cheaper to get custom awesome stuff from small companies than buying the stock coats for much more.  I literally decided to


New boots?  An "investment!"  Except they don't fit like I thought and the swagger tabs got left off.  So now I have to send those back for fixes, knowing now that I'd rather wear my $195 used zipper field boots I got from the Tack Exchange.

My awesome new jumper coat, featuring navy blue softshell fabric with a grey collar and white piping (to match my horsey's new custom ear bonnets)?  Yeah, that just showed up in purple with silver piping and a size that I grossly overestimated.  So that gets to fly back to Ye Olde England and part of me just wants to take that money and run, since I won't be showing anytime soon due to work obligations.

So I wanted ALL THE THINGS and got none of the things right.  Which was the entire point of getting them custom.  And now a gif of Veruca Salt throwing a fit because that is EXACTLY what this blog post is doing:


At least my hockey gear was right, though that took SEVEN MONTHS to come in.  *sigh*  I think I'll just go back to buying things second hand at the Tack Exchange since that is both cheap and has given me a much better track record.

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