Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Fun Day

Had a fantastic trail ride this morning with Soonie and a couple of our buddies, even went for some trots and canters along the trail.  Had a blast, that made me miss hunting though.

Came back, ate yummy pizza and ice cream, and have been watching the WEG coverage and the American Gold Cup on NBC Sports.  HORSES JUMPING STICKS YES!!

How I feel watching horsey things on tv

...which makes me also want to jump horses over sticks.  That might be interesting, since someone rearranged my awesome course design in the jump field earlier this week.  My box o'four strides is gone, replaced by a one-stride to two-stride combo, and a couple of single verticals.  I was trying to see what kind of variety one could make with that, and came up with:

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