Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stuff happens

Soonie and I had a fun jump school last night.  It's been a few weeks, so the first few jumps were "OMG!!" scary, but after a couple long spots/miscommunication and me legit almost falling off, we got our shit together.  I almost got jumped off the side on landing, and he had every reason to run left and dump me, but he didn't and allowed me to get back over him (what a good boy!).  He can take a joke.  He was very handy and listened much better after that, we kept our rhythm better and therefore didn't have many distance issues once we got rolling.  He is now a rollback machine, what a fun jumper!

Matchy matchy Sleeps!

I came out this evening for a lesson, but his minor cut got swollen and he wasn't right, so we canceled (didn't help that it was 90+ degrees and humid).  Stuff happens.  He's way too good to me all the time to push him through a lesson when he's not 100%.  He got cleaned up, a little Bute (he pouted hard core about that today) to make him feel a little better, and went outside for the night.  We're introducing him to a new pasturemate tomorrow, fingers crossed that it goes well!  Soonie should be fine since he was out with the huge herd for so long, but you never know until you see the dynamics work out.

Cold hosing bonding time

Aww betadine scrub fun!

On the way out I snapped another great shot:
Love this boy

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