Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today's jump school was....

After last week's Holy Shit Fest, I decided to have a little jumping appetizer in preparation for tomorrow's jumping lesson (which may or may not happen for various conflicts not at all relating to horsey's mood).  Soonie was WAY better today.  Trot jumps were good - he was his normal, quiet self.  We worked a lot in the box and I used turns, rollbacks, and a lot of riding in/around the other fences to keep his focus.  By putting him to work right on landing, he didn't have time to run/buck/descend into stupidity.  We did the full rollback from one outside fence, through the middle, to the other outside fence, and he was a champ!  Overall he was good.  Not spectacular, but "surprisingly okay" (you get 100 Schrute Bucks if you know what TV reference that is).  Still wanting to rush a little bit, but he waited when I asked and stayed in rhythm.  He was rideable from the start today, and I was very pleased.

So when you come off a bad ride, and the next one actually goes according to plan, you feel like:

Crappy rides make the ok ones feel like you just won the Olympics

And then on the way home from your good horsey back ride you realize that you still have some Neapolitan ice cream left in the freezer to enjoy:

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