Sunday, August 17, 2014

More trail ride photos

So our little weekly trail ride outing is getting more and more popular, since we add more people to the list all the time.  The weather cooperated, the horses were great, and yet another great adventure is in the books.  And Soonie is still adorable.

And that moment when the overcast weather suddenly turns sunny and balls hot, and you whip out your sunglasses that you stashed on your sports bra just in case?  Yeah....

..It's like THIS.  #winning

I was also somewhat relieved to hear that several other horses reached lunatic status in the last couple of days.  Something's in the water!  ;)   Maybe because it's Shark Week?  Hmm.

Oh...I caved and got a couple of custom bonnets for Soon.  We're going to stick with a navy blue/grey/white color scheme when we venture out there and do some jumpers.  Check out FireFly Custom Bonnets!

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