Sunday, August 3, 2014

Trail day

Soonie and I discovered a whole new world of possibilities today with our intrepid trail buddies!  :)  The elusive path to the nearby state park (a secluded part of the park, anyway) has finally been found.  All I've heard sine arriving is that there are trails in the park, but no one knows how to get there.  We were so unbelievably excited to explore some new territory complete with quiet wooded road, and discovered that it makes for great riding at any gait (let the Rowdy Trail Rides commence!  Ok, maybe just mildly exciting).  Now we just have to find the access points to the other side of the park, which has actual trails.  I think I may have a line on how to get into that area, so here's hoping in the near future we can enjoy those too.  This barn just gets better and better, we love it here! :)

Sleeping in before the Sunday morning trail ride

Pathetic  ;)


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