Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Small brag

No accompanying photos tonight, just wanted to say that Soonie went hacking again in a group of three, walked and trotted out happily on a loose rein (did a GREAT stretchy trot up the hill!!), and also cantered/hand galloped in a group.  In the back.  Did not lose his shit.  Stopped when I asked him to.  I LOVE my horse!  

He is really impressing other members of the barn as well.  They can't believe he's recently off the track, and they love his attitude.  Each ride proves more and more why I'm so lucky to have this horse in particular.  Thus far, he really is the complete package.

Oh...did I mention that he's getting to be a gate expert?  Yep, he stands like a rock and I can lean way over (way more than some seasoned hunt horses would let me do) and unlock the gate, and while I use my crop to drag the gate open, he navigates the opening perfectly.  On the second try.  He did the first try pretty damn well too.  I'm telling you, he's a genius.  So cool.  :)

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