Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hat of Shame

Aww man.
So Soon's a cribber.  Not a huge problem for me, as my TB mare was a constant (CONSTANT) cribber.  Like, she had little nubs for top incisors kind of constant cribber.

Soon has been a little more persistent and shameless about it than I liked, so I finally broke out his miracle collar tonight.  To his credit, he pretty much moved right on to his hay, then tried to con me into taking it off by being cute and falling asleep in my arms.  No dice, Buddy.  You earned the Hat of Shame for awhile.  Sorry man!

Hopefully it deters him from cribbing as much.  Should earn him some good ribbing from his horsey friends if nothing else (seriously, it's like the kid showing up in those big puffy moon boots).

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