Saturday, September 28, 2013

Second Jump School Videos

Soonie's second jump school was pretty much amazing. :)   He is SO damn smart, so willing, and happy to do what you ask.  Even on the longer distances, I said "Go," and he said, "Okay!"


Here are some photos of his jumping form.  Not bad for his first time actually "jumping."  His knees are up, he's using his head/neck and showing a hint of a bascule - I'm thrilled!  I haven't jumped in awhile, so I'm just trying to stay soft and out of his way, and make sure he doesn't get popped in the mouth.  Thus far my following hand hasn't completely left me, and will only get better the fitter I get, so that comes in handy with a horse that really uses themselves over the top of the fence.

And this is why being soft over the top of the fence is a good thing:  this was our second attempt at the oxer, and it was a very quiet distance.  You can see he's just trying to get himself out of the way, and is actually using himself decently in order to do so.  Obviously with a more forward ride and better distance, he improved (above pictures).  :)
Just keep swimming!!  Good boy  :)

He just seemed very relaxed and happy to be doing this stuff.  We ended the day with a nice, long hand graze and found a couple new grassy spots.  Hanging out with him on the ground is just about as much fun as the progress undersaddle.  He's just so sweet and cute, it's almost not funny!

"I did good!"

Love  <3

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