Saturday, January 31, 2015

Soonie is getting "deployed!"

One of the personal ties to the blog's new name is my profession.  Soon is about to be a "war horse" of a different type, in a way.  Given that I am spending the next several months working at another installation on "deployment," and after much debate, I've decided to take Soonie with me.  It's actually only a couple hours down the road and to another fairly horsey area, so the adjustment should be easy for him.  There are several nice farms I'm considering.  These stateside deployments are rare and I'm fortunate to get one and to be in a situation where I can still enjoy my horse.  Having him close and continuing to ride/train normally will be a huge benefit, as the job I'm doing is legitimately very stressful and difficult emotionally.  Any help I can get in keeping myself grounded will be appreciated, and I am grateful to be in a position to have my boy with me in this.

I was out of the area all week so I didn't get to see him.  Between him bouncing himself around on the lunge line, getting his feet done, and the healing process on his hock wound, he had a day or two during the week where he was pretty sore.  Thankfully he bounced back from that well (many thanks to my incredibly generous, thoughtful barn friends!).  I stopped in late last night to check on him and he walked out of his stall sound (his leg is looking good!!).  I got on him today and he was still slightly foot sore from the farrier, but he was comfortable enough for some walking and trotting today under saddle.  He felt good, rode very well and no extra energy or exuberance during our ride.  Afterward, we walked around on a long rein outside with some buddies.  For the first time in a couple of weeks, it really felt like I had my horse back.  It was such a wonderful feeling to be around him today, I missed him terribly! :)

My absolute favorite view :)

He makes my whole heart smile

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