Sunday, January 18, 2015

Damage Report, 18 Jan 15

Soon's been on the mend since Tuesday's paddock accident.  He was very lame the following day, on both his right front and hind.  Since then, he's been making steady progress and has been walking sound the last two days.  The daily regimen is stall rest, paired with some hand walking and hand grazing.  I cold hose his right hind every day for 15 minutes, followed by cleaning the wound and re-wrapping.  Then he gets tucked in for the night.  The wound itself seems to be healing well; there was minimal swelling in/around the hock all week, and today there didn't appear to be any inflammation at all.  The check up is tomorrow morning, and we'll get an idea of what the next week or two looks like then.  Fingers crossed.

15 Jan 15, pre cleaning, some hock swelling

This is a fun look...

16 Jan 15

Happy boy

18 Jan 15, pre-cleaning

18 Jan 15, post-cleaning

He also has a pretty impressive contusion on his right front forearm....


Poor boy is an excellent patient!  :)

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