Friday, January 2, 2015

Things I need to do over this long weekend

- Clean and oil my saddle  (happy CWD!)
- Trim horse's mane because it's too thin to pull, but he's looking a little pony-ish
- Bang tail again
- Bathe in unseasonably warm weather
- Go back and forth feverishly about whether or not to re-clip and pros/cons
- Re-clip
- Cry a little at all of that

Sunday Update:
Yep, the bath and the clipping did not happen.  The bath probably should have, but I was hungry (hangry?) and wanted to get home.  I decided that while I probably could clip Soonie, he doesn't really need it yet.  He hasn't grown it back as quickly as he did last year.  See?

Scruffy last year, 1/5/2014

So I guess that's what happens when you go from the frozen Midwest to the not-so-frozen Mid-Atlantic.  "Cold" here means brief stints of temperatures in the 20's (which have barely happened!), where last year it was well into the negative temps and that was without the windchill.  Soonie survived just fine outside in -30 degree windchills out west; this is like a tropical paradise by comparison.  I'll roll the dice and see if he can make it to late March, when I'll give him a full body clip to skip shedding season.  If he has to get the clip freshened up before then, so be it.

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