Monday, May 8, 2017

My Old Kentucky Home?

For the three of you that subscribe to this blog, you may recall a post from last year where I mentioned I wanted to find my way permanently to Kentucky.  Well...I'm glad to say that a year later... it is a distinct possibility. 

Who wouldn't love this view???
I'm active duty military, and unfortunately there aren't many options to get to Kentucky while on AD in my branch of service.  It looks like the only option is to be a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) instructor...which happens to be something that I am extremely interested in.  I need all the good luck I can get to have all the moving pieces line up.  In addition to those key players, I made contact with the current ROTC detachment commander at the Lexington location and had several lovely conversations with him about the job.  I even got to meet him in person when I was in town for Rolex, have a campus tour, and chat more about coming on board in the future, which led to him saying he'd like to hire me if the timing was right.  When I want something, I go after it.

So keep your fingers crossed.  It probably means me flying to some far away land for a year and leaving Soonie at home in training with someone else, while I cash in my favor chips and earn a three or four-year ticket to the Blue Grass.  But you know what?  WORTH IT!

I could potentially still get out and get some local employment, but I'd prefer to stay active duty and make this little drug deal work out.  Everyone wins...the detachment gets someone that's excited to do the job in that particular location, the career field/Air Force gets someone volunteering for the job and relieves the stress of filling a quota, and of course Soonie and I win a few years in beautiful Lexington.  Send us good vibes, please!  Need things to keep looking good the next few months...So excited!!

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