Monday, May 8, 2017

Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event 2017

Well...if you haven't already guessed it, there's a Kentucky theme going on here lately!

I flew out to Lexington on Thursday night to enjoy a long weekend in Lexington.  My purpose was to spend time with my college friend and her family, help her in her big move to their newly purchased farm (so exciting!), to potentially partake in some Rolex shenanigans, and consider the vibe around Lexington and see if this was a place I'd really like to live.  All those things totally happened.
Friend showed me this excellent chocolate shop in Lexington where I want to live

Her new farm, a fixer-upper, but it has everything she needs!

Dutch Harness Horse demo at the Kentucky Horse Park

Rolex Head of the Lake...aka Death by Rainbow Trout

The ABSURDLY LARGE TABLE at the Head of the Lake

This happened for no reason whatsoever...

Barefoot.  In the water. YOLO.


My favorite and I at the Head of the Lake brush

Rolex is for everyone!

We called ourselves the Dixie Choppers and this is our giant 4* table.

Celebrating the horse at the Horse Park watching a horse movie eating a horse lollipop

Met Funny Cide.  He liked me.

....a LOT.

- I love Kentucky.  It's perfect.  Imma live here.
- Four-star competitors are complete badasses and their tables make me cry.
- I'm coming back and camping at Rolex because this is just one giant party.
- Funny Cide apparently isn't a huge fan of being personable, but he was in love with my scratching skills (for like 15 minutes) and after I walked away, he stared at me from down the aisle until I came back.
- I have an open job offer at the Horse Park to be Funny Cide's personal assistant.  No lie, that actually happened.

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