Saturday, April 22, 2017

George Morris Clinic and GOALS!

That's it.  I'm not waiting around anymore, it's time to get out there and do stuff.  I've managed to lesson three weeks in a row now, I'm back on a regular riding schedule and Soon is looking/feeling fantastic.  The time to grow and challenge ourselves is now.  So what better way to do that than with continued regular lessons with familiar trainers GEORGE MORRIS.

^^ Yeah that was basically my reaction as I was navigating the site to pay for the clinic.

That's right:  I signed Soonie and I up for the 3' section of an upcoming GHM clinic in September!!  I don't know how long The Man will continue teaching.  I feel like this is my opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream to ride with him.  As they say....if not now, when?  

I'm excited because this gives me a hard date and a major goal to work towards.  I'm getting my life back in order after feeling like everything was on pause since February.  I'm getting back in the gym.  I'm getting extra saddle time at the barn.  I'm getting Soon and I back on a regular, very productive schedule and looking for extra lesson and clinic opportunities in order to prepare as best I can.  I'm going to re-read GHM's book and watch probably every clinic video ever posted on the Internet.  I'm going to look over the notes I took auditing last year's clinic.  I need to review some Horsemastership videos.  Feels like we're getting ready to go to war...

Honestly I feel like I could do it now if I had to, so the extra preparation time will be good.  If anything, a wave of calm washes over me when I think about all the homework that can be done between now and the clinic. But at the same time thinking about the amount of work that has to be done to be really polished and prepared makes me feel kinda like...

It's all good.  We're on track so far, having lessoned three weeks in a row with some good progress.  I'm going to clinic with Stephen Bradley next month, and possibly more through the summer.  I'm planning to ride with Linda Zang again whenever she is available. 

Here are some photos (courtesy Phyxius Photos) from a recent jump lesson (little jumps, just getting back in the swing of things with me being barred from jumping for a couple of months!):

I think the 1.15m jumpers won't be an issue in the future!  ;)

First time over a Liverpool...not impressed until he was already in the air!

...and the second time was old news.

We jumped a little bigger last night and he felt great.  We're working on me thinking more "forward" to the jumps, being soft with my hand, closing my leg, and making him stand himself off from the jump if the distance is close, versus me pulling into a close distance.  He is so smart and likes that ride, so as long as I don't forget to do my part and come forward through the turn and keep my leg on and my hand soft, it works great. 

Bottom line:  I am EXCITED (!!) to be back in full swing after a pretty depressing couple of months, and I cannot even express the excitement (terror) for the George Morris clinic.  This summer will be busy, tough, but hopefully above all: fun.  We have adventures planned with friends.  We're getting out there to do stuff: dressage shows, XC schoolings, jumper shows, clinics, whatever gets him more mileage and helps us prepare.  It'll all make us better.  And as thrilled as I am about the present, I'm even more excited about the future.

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