Sunday, May 3, 2015

War Horse Spotlight #2

I've found two more war horses I'd like to feature on this blog in the hopes that someone is reading.

First horse up is one I can't stop looking at, and comes from CANTER Illinois, the organization that listed Soon.  Rags Old Iron is a ten year old, Florida-bred with 59 career starts and a little over $89,000 in lifetime earnings.  He has been trail ridden and even been out fox hunting!  His off the track experience makes him a valuable commodity.  He looks very much like an old soul - described as quiet, professional, and easy to handle.  The average OTTB buyer may not be interested in a ten year old, but I hope that the right person is open to an "older" horse and what he still has to offer.

I mean seriously...this is the second most polite track jog ever, right behind Soonie's:

I can't stop looking at his ad, his photos, and videos.  I wish I could afford two horses, because Rags is exactly the type of horse I appreciate.  He's proven his worth on and off the track and is just a lovely type.  I hope that someone wonderful snatches this boy up and gives him a great life.  He and horses like him deserve nothing less.  I can imagine him in a number of different careers, but he fits so well in the hunt field in my mind.

Video under tack:

Horses going by, horses losing their shit on the hot walker, and he does not care.

Go Rags Go!

Next horse is Soon's half brother!  Tenastrike (KY) has 41 career starts, has earned over $68,000, and is retiring due to soreness.  There are bone spurs in both knees and arthritic changes.  Sounds like he's ok for flat work only, probably just pleasure riding, but potential for something more consistent with time off and/or treatment.  He is a handsome guy, has the same intelligent expression that Soon has, and I would bet that he's also a very sociable, personable horse based off the trainer's description.  Need a pleasure horse or a low level dressage prospect?  Check him out!  Uphill and has a great walk!  Unfortunately visibly sore in the trot...

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